Glossary of Terms


Wilful Misconduct

means an intentional and conscious breach of the Market Rules by a Party or a breach arising from a Party’s reckless disregard of the provisions hereof


means a person's withdrawal from its status as a Party in accordance with Sections Q.19.3 of the Market Rules, and Withdraw, Withdrawal, Withdrawn and Withdrawing Party shall be construed accordingly

Withdrawal Consent Notice

means a Notice in the form set out at Annex Q-7 of the Market Rules issued by the Market Operator to a Generator pursuant to Section Q.19.3.5 of the Market Rules

Withdrawal Notice

means an Notice in the form set out at Annex Q-6 of the Market Rules issued by a Generator to the Market Operator pursuant to Section Q.19.3.3 of the Market Rules

Within-Year Monthly Scarcity Credits

means Scarcity Credits calculated during a Year, applying Monthly Scarcity Credit Caps but prior to the application of Annual Scarcity Credit Cap

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