Modifications Proposal

The following entities may make a Modification Proposal:

  • any Party;
  • the Authority; and
  • any Prospective Party.

Each Modification Proposal shall be submitted to the Market Operator and:

  • shall summarise the proposed Modification;
  • may, but there shall be no requirement to, propose fully-termed drafting for such Modification;
  • shall explain the reasons for the Modification Proposal, including why it is consistent with the Pool Objectives;
  • shall identify who the Modification Proposal is submitted by and with whose support;
  • shall be in the required format as determined below; and
  • shall be clear and substantiated with appropriate detail.

The Market Operator may reject any Modification Proposals that do not meet the above requirements.

The entity submitting a Modification Proposal, or the Secretariat acting on behalf of the proposing entity may, upon the agreement of the Market Advisory Committee, withdraw a Modification Proposal at any stage prior to the draft report in respect of the Modification Proposal.

Before permitting a Prospective Party to participate in the procedures relating to the approval of a Modification Proposal and as a condition of it doing so, the Market Operator may require such Prospective Party to provide written undertakings of confidentiality with regard to the information provided.

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