Glossary of Terms


Gate Closure

means the point in time in respect of Trading Day d as specified in Section I.5.4.1 of the Market Rules ahead of which Offer Data needs to be submitted for Trading Day d


means the production of electricity by any manner, and Generate shall be construed accordingly

Generation Licence

means a Licence to Generate electricity and to operate Production Facilities pursuant to Part V of the Sector Law


means a person who Generates electricity (whether or not combined with the desalination of water); and in the context of a particular Production Facility (or Production Block or Production Unit comprised in a Production Facility), the person who Generates electricity in that Production Facility.  Unless the context otherwise requires, any reference in the Market Rules Document to a Generator is to a Generator which is a Party

Generator Participation Derogation

means a derogation granted by the Authority (in accordance with a Generation Licence or Exemption) to a Generator, in respect of a Non-Pool-Based Contracted Production Facility, from the requirement to sign the Framework Agreement or comply with the Market Rules 


has the meaning given in the Grid Code

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