Roles and Members

Market Advisory Committee Roles

  • Act (through a sub-committee established) as Dispute Review Committee in connection with a Settlement Dispute;
  • Provide such advice or opinions as the Market Operator may (in its discretion) request in connection with any decison or action which the Market Operator proposes to take in accordance with the Market Rules;
  • Co-ordinating the efficient consideration and discussion of each Modification Proposal to facilitate the development and processing of that Modification Proposal;
  • Assessing Modification Proposals and their impact on the Market Rules;
  • Co-ordinating the efficient processing of Modification Proposals with proposed modifications of other industry documents (including the Grid Code), or with modifications of the Sector Law proposed by the Government and requesting that Modification Proposals are made by the Market Operator in order to reflect any changes that have been or are so proposed to be made to those documents;
  • If requested, advising on whether Modification Proposal received are or are not compliant with the requirements of the Market Rules for Modification Proposals or are tenuous;
  • Consulting on Modification Proposals as required;
  • Compiling reports on Modification Proposals for the Market Operator;
  • Recommending any changes that may need to be made to the Grid Code following a Modification Proposals;
  • identifying any related or consequential changes to the Market Rules Procedures (or any other procedures agreed in accordance with these Market Rules) which do not in themselves constitute Modifications that should be considered in respect of any Modification Proposal.

Market Advisory Committee Members


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