Glossary of Terms


Realised Unpaid Scaling Factor

means a variable to scale Realised Unpaid Scarcity Value, calculated in accordance with Section M.6.3.6 of the Market Rules

Realised Unpaid Scarcity Value

means the difference between Monthly Total Preliminary Scarcity Credit and Monthly Scarcity Credit Cap in a Month, calculated in accordance with M.6.3.4 of the Market Rules

Rectification Notice

means a Notice in the form set out at Annex Q-1 of the Market Rules issued by the Market Operator pursuant to Section Q.16.4.1 of the Market Rules


means the registration of Data in the Market Register in accordance with Section H.4, and Register and Registered shall be construed accordingly

Registration Data

means Data submitted for the purposes of Registration in accordance with Section E.4 of the Market Rules

Reliability Price

means the unit price in OMR per MWh ascribed to reliability as determined by the Authority in accordance with Section M.2.1 of the Market Rules

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